Our Willimantic Special at Plainfield, CT during a photo runby
on October 13.

Photo by Doug Boudrow

The Willimantic Special
October 13-14, 2012

Over 420 passengers rode our Willimantic Special excursions on the Providence & Worcesterís newly restored Willimantic Branch over two days in October. The first trip, scheduled for Sunday to avoid a conflict with another railfan trip (that ultimately didnít run), sold out quickly, prompting us to add a second Advance Willimantic Special on Saturday. We also carried over 200 passengers for short rides from Willimantic past the Scotland Dam during our stopover in Willimantic.

One of the highlights of the trips was a visit to the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum, operated by the Connecticut Eastern Chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society, located at Columbia Junction, where the old Air Line route headed west toward Middletown and New Haven. Some guests rode the museumís shuttle train from Bridge Street to the museum grounds, collecting about 3/4 mile of the former Air Line trackage. See following pages for pictures.

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