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Notice of the Annual Meeting & Election of Officers
Thursday, November 15, 2018, 7:30 PM

The Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts, Inc. (Mass Bay RRE) will hold its Annual Meeting of Members at 7:30 PM on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at the Union Church in Waban, 14 Collins Road, Waban, Massachusetts. At the meeting, members will elect officers and Directors of Mass Bay RRE, and a National Vice President and Division Directors and Alternate Division Directors of The Railroad Enthusiasts, Inc. (the "National RRE"), and conduct any other business properly brought before the meeting. All members of Mass Bay RRE as of September 30, 2018 are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual Meeting.

All Mass Bay RRE members, including Additional Family Members, who are unable to attend the Annual Meeting in person are encouraged to cast a Proxy Ballot for this important election. The on-line Proxy Ballot is accessed with the link below. A downloadable printable version of the Proxy Ballot is also linked below.

Mass Bay RRE encourages all members to cast theur Proxy Ballot using the on-line form if possible. Use of the on-line form greatly simplifies the process of tabulating the proxy votes

The following information and statements have been provided by the various candidates for Officer and Director of Mass Bay RRE. Please mark your selections on the Proxy Ballot.


Name: David Brown
Home: Andover, MA
RRE offices held: President (2011-), Director, Treasurer
Age: 71
Mass Bay RRE member since: 1981
Occupation: President, Mass Bay RRE
Candidate’s Statement:hroughout my tenure in Mass Bay RRE I have tried to conduct our affairs in a professional and businesslike manner, and I pledge to continue to do so. I have constantly looked for ways that the club can improve its operations. On-line ticket sales and membership renewals have greatly reduced the amount of paperwork done by our volunteers. The ‘Mass Bay RRE Railroad Preservation Fund’ expands the club’s role as a key player in railroad preservation. In the Fund’s first year we made $12,500 in grants; Thanks to the generous support of our members we will significantly increase that amount this year.

The club remains healthy, but there is much to do if the club is to survive and prosper. We desperately need people with the motivation and skills guide the future direction of the club, including organizing trips and producing the Callboy. I will not be around forever! Our current operation and its reliance on a handful of volunteers is not sustainable! If we stagnate, the club will die!

Name: Richard Fralick
Home: Greenland, NH
RRE offices Held: Director (2014-2017)
Age: 71
Mass Bay RRE member since: 2010
Occupation: Hartford CT motorcycle officer (ret.), Road Foreman of Engines for Conn. Central RR (ret.)
Candidate’s Statement:As Vice President, my focus and goal is to help move the organization into a position that will guarantee its sustainability and growth for the next generation of rail fans, and to assist the President with the day-to-day operations of the club. I will work with the Board to develop ways to involve both new and current members into taking a more active role with the club. I will help to see that the Preservation Grant program moves forward in a timely, effective and positive manner.

Trains are my passion. I've been immersed in many aspects of the railroad industry since my youth and believe that I have the skills to represent, promote, and grow Mass Bay RRE. Please note some of my experience: Mass Bay RRE Diector and officer, 4 years; Connecticut Central Railroad (Road Foreman/Mechanical Supervisor) - 8 years

Name: Bill Crawford
Home: Nahant, MA
RRE offices held: Secretary (2011-), President (1977-93), Director
Age: 74
Mass Bay RRE member since: ~1975
Occupation: Engineering Manager (Ret.)
Candidate’s Statement: Mass Bay RRE is a well-known and highly respected railfan organization. Our challenge is to continue with railfan excursions, interesting meetings & programs, and newsletter coverage. To do this we must encourage new and younger leadership. None of us is getting any younger!

Name: Charlie Jack
Home: Natick, MA
RRE Offices held: Treasurer (2011-)
Age: 75
Mass Bay RRE member since: ??
Occupation: Systems Engineer (Ret.)
Candidate’s Statement: I’m happy to continue to support the club in the role of Treasurer. I strive to keep the account books in god and timely order, and to see that all government requirements (eg, tax filing) are done in a timely fashion. I will provide other services to the club on an “as needed” basis.

David Astorian
Home: Watertown, MA
RRE offices Held: Director (2010-)
Age: 63
Mass Bay RRE member since: 2002
Occupation: Accountant/Auditor
Candidate’s Statement: As a Director and membership renewal processor, I will try to accurately record the renewals, for better communication of membership data.

Name: Al Butler
Home: Waltham, MA
RRE offices held: Vice-President (2009-), Director
Age: 73
Mass Bay RRE member since: 1964
Occupation: Civil Engineer (Ret.)
Candidate’s Statement: Candidate’s Statement: As Directors our role is to insure that the club is operated in a financially secure manner so that it can survive after most of us are gone. We must continue to encourage young folks who have an interest in railroads to not only join the club but to also take on responsibility as a volunteer, officer or director.

Name: Steve Butterworth
Home: Marblehead, MA
RRE offices Held: Director (2012-), President (2009-11)
Age: 63
Mass Bay RRE member since: 1982
Occupation: Land Surveyor
Candidate’s Statement:The continuing challenge for Mass Bay RRE is finding new volunteers to do the many jobs that MassBay has. We produce a monthly newsletter, offer programs at monthly meetings, attempt to operate 4 or 5 excursion trips every year, maintain a Web site and support a booth at many Train Shows every year. There is a lot of work behind the scenes as well, publicity, database maintenance, dues renewals, Directors meetings.

We don’t ask for anyone to do it all, but I am willing to talk to anyone who thinks they might be interested in helping with just one part of the puzzle. You don’t have to attend meetings in Newton, you don’t even have to live in Massachusetts, lots of work can travel over the Internet.

Name: Tom Chase
Home: Woodstock, CT
RRE offices Held: Director (2012-)
Age: 78
Mass Bay RRE member since: 2006
Occupation: Art Conservator (Ret.)
Candidate’s Statement:The main purposes of the club are to organize excursions, hold monthly meetings, and publish the Callboy. All of this is being done well, but it may be that too many jobs are being done by too few individuals. Some reorganization of tasks may be needed. The two railroad preservation awards have been a good shift of focus for us. Archives, member histories, and preservation need to be explored and implemented. More emphasis also needs to be given to interesting and recruiting younger members.

My previous service on trips committee for Washington, DC, NRHS and heading a laboratory at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC. have given me museum exhibition experience as well as experience in dealing with problems in an institution and government. I was also one of the early adopters of computers in the institution.

Name: John Ehrlich
Home: Boxborough, MA
RRE Offices Held: Director
Age: 72
Mass Bay RRE member since: “forever”
Candidate’s Statement: I hope to assist Mass Bay RRE with its ongoing challenges of growing its membership and maintaining its position as the premier railfan organization of the region.

Name: Tom Engel
Home: Medford, MA
RRE offices Held: Director (1977-)
Age: 66
Mass Bay RRE member since: 1975
Occupation: Transport Data Collector, Tax Preparer, Capitalist
Candidate’s Statement: I will continue helping to provide others what the RRE has provided to me over the years: the place to meet fellow railfans, both physically and virtually, and to have the RRE be the premier way to learn, observe and enjoy railroading in the area.

Name: Loring Lawrence
Home: Manchester, NH
RRE offices Held: Director (2011-)
Mass Bay RRE member since: 1958
Occupation: Rail-oriented Travel Agent
Candidate’s Statement: Directors are tasked with guiding and shaping the course of a business or society, to see that it fulfill its aims and aspirations, and to offer advice and opinionss to the elected officers and officials. To assist in achieving these goals, I believe that my many years of membership (over 50), my experience as a word-wide travel consultant well-versed in railway travel, and the recvent years in guiding Mass Bay RRE as a Director, show my commitment to our society’s future.

Name: Bob Popovac
Home: Walpole, NH
RRE offices Held: Director (1978-)
Age: 60
Mass Bay RRE member since: 1978
Occupation: Railroader (Vermont Rail System)
Candidate’s Statement: I like to share my knowledge of the railroad industry with others. It is nice to see younger people become members of Mass Bay and work the train Show Crew or car host on one of our train trips.

Name: Everett Reynolds
Home: Rutland, MA
RRE offices Held: Director (2011-2016, 2017-)
Age: 76
Mass Bay RRE member since: ~2008
Occupation: Retired
Candidate’s Statement:The President would like young candidates, with lots of computer skills. I don’t fit this mold - I’m a worker. I’ve been a car host for 8 years and am on the Show Crew. I’m a ferroequinologist and a deltiologist (person who collects post cards) and a collector of railroad items. Of all the organizations I know of, we are all the same - getting older and dying off.

Name: Sue Sample
Home: Plantsville, CT
RRE offices Held: Director (~2003-)
Age: (baby boomer)
Mass Bay RRE member since: 1991
Occupation: Many occupations, including Tourist RR engineer, conductor, etc.
Candidate’s Statement: There is much need to preserve and present railroad history. I hope to share my knowledge of this through my experience of many years with active tourist railroad and museums. Another point is to inform people of what the RRE has to offer, and to encourage their participation in the organization’s various presentations and excursions.

Members, including Additional Family Members, who cannot attend the meeting in person may cast a Proxy Ballot, which will be voted at the meeting in accordance with their instructions.

We encourage all members to cast their Proxy Ballot on line instead of mailing the proxy ballot to us. Voting on line will greatly simplify the ballot tabulation process by reducing the number of paper proxies that must be hand-counted.

Proxy Voting Instructions

Whether voting on line or by mail, you will need to include your member number to have your vote counted; it’s on the mailing label of your most recent Callboy or included in the body of an emal we sent you. If your membership also includes an Additional Family Member, that person can also submit a proxy by adding the letter "F" after the member number (example: if your member number is 9876, the Family Member would enter 9876F as the member number). Each member may cast only one proxy ballot, as determined by the Member Number.

Write-ins: There are 10 listed candidates on the Proxy Ballot for the 11 Mass Bay RRE Director positions. You may vote for persons not listed on the ballot by checking one or more of the "write-in" selections on the candidate list and then entering the person's name in the box that will appear below. Up to 2 names may be written in, so long as the total number of candidates selected does not exceed 11.

Go to the on-line Proxy Ballot

Note: We suggest that you open the proxy form in a new browser window.

Download a printable, mail-in Proxy Ballot

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