The Capital Limited is framed by the Route 3 overpass in Meredith.
Photo by Walter Sapolsky

The Capital Limited

May 2, 2009

Story By John Reading
Photos by Walter Sapolsky

"All good things must come to an end."
- Old saying
"So do them again!"
- Mass Bay RRE

That was the story of our May 2 Capital Limited - if something was good once, do it a second time!

The Limited was a virtual repeat of our Lakes Region Redux excursion of September 2006, which ran from Meredith to Concord, NH. The Redux had filled a "mileage gap" left in May 2006, when our Lakes Region Limited was held up by washouts on New England Southern short of Concord. But rather than call our 2009 trip the Redux Redux, we settled for The Capital Limited. (That wasn't a misspelling - the train ran to the state capital of Concord.)

At Meredith, we found our train made up from south to north with Plymouth & Lincoln A1co S11008 (ex-Portland Terminal), parlor car Determination (ex-Bangor & Aroostook 100; originally a Canadian National coach), depowered RDCs 6921 Winnisquam and 6105 Winona, both ex-Boston & Maine, and P&L A1co S1958 (ex-Maine Central 458).

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