0-6-2T steamer Hercules on display in Graniteville.
Photo by Vic Campbell

Granite City Extra

Todd then guided us to the old visitor center on the edge of the water-filled Boutwell Quarry. Tucked away behind the building is the ex-Barre RR/Barre & Chelsea RR/Rock of Ages 0-6-2T steamer 6, named Hercules and built by Baldwin in 1913. The switcher looked lonely but is well-maintained and available for viewing by those willing to seek it out. Paton said that RofA had considered it too expensive to move the engine to the new Visitors Center several years ago; its current status is "in limbo".

After encountering snow flurries on 1-89 in Vermont and making a short snack stop along the way, the tour group returned to South Station shortly before 7:30 PM.

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