Providence & Worcester Fall Circle Tour 2010

Mass Bay RRE charter train's strikingly handsome P&W consist

October 16, 2010

by John Reading
as told by Dave Brown, Steve Butterworth, Vic Campbell and Bill Crawford

Photos by Doug Scott

Another Fall Circle Tour came together for Mass Bay RRE October 16, as we took our fourth annual 175-mile loop trip from Worcester, via the Providence & Worcester and Amtraks Northeast Corridor.

Mass Bay RREs train staff showed up between 8 and 9 AM at P&Ws South Worcester headquarters to make our special ready for boarding. P&Ws seven-car consist was there for us, behind B39-8E 3907 and GP38-2 2009: power car 668, coaches 7625, 7626 New York and 7627 Rhode Island, diner 8340 Connecticut, parlor 4567 Massachusetts and observation 90 New Englander. Vic Campbell delivered the box lunches, then shuttled 17 riders (who arrived at Union Station on MBTA #P553) to trainside.

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