Day's Work Done - Valley RR 2-8-2 40 rests at VALE's shop in Essex, CT.
(Photo by Doug Scott)

Steam "Tour of the Line" at the Valley Railroad

We left Chester at 7:20 PM and headed for VALE’s north “end of track” – the stop post a half-mile beyond the grade crossing at Goodspeeds (East Haddam station), MP 12.72. We backed to Goodspeeds siding, unloaded passengers and photographers, ran 40 around to the south end, and waited for the dinner train to show up at 8:10. Vic set up another photo line, so everyone got an unobstructed view. For most photographers, these were the last for the day. We boarded the train and ran south to Essex (8:47 PM) to end our trip. A few diehards [including Callboy Photo Editor Doug Scott – Ed.] watched (and photographed) 40 on the ashpit in twilight.

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