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Rail Links

The links are divided into two categories: Operating Railroads and Railroad Related Sites. Each category has more than one page.

Operating Railroad Sites

These sites are loosely defined as anything running 'full scale' equipment to haul freight or people as a means to generate revenue, and not primarily operated as a museum:

New England Lines and Their Owners - This generally is defined as an organization who has at least one holding that provides freight or passenger service to New England.

Railroad Related Sites

These sites are loosely defined as anything that mimics railroads (such as 'live steam' and model railroads), promotes railroads (such as political interest and lobbying groups), educates the public about railroads (such as this site and other RRE division sites), preserves railroads (such as transportation museums and historical societies) or any other site that may be of interest.

The sites within this category are divided into three pages:

Other RRE Division Sites - This is a list of other divisions that are associated with Railroad Enthusiasts, Inc.

Railroad Related Sites - This includes historical and preservation groups, model railroads clubs, railroad promoting organizations, forums and internet search sites, and sites with information about Boston.

Railroad Enthusiast Organizations Outside of New England - Other organizations of people banded together to share their love of railroads.

The sites offered are the culmination of suggestions by many people, and are provided as a source of additional information for you.

While sites listed here are displayed because the members of Mass Bay RRE have thought that these sites were useful or entertaining enough to warrant including, sites change enough that, of course, the members cannot be responsible for broken links or navigating to any material beyond this site. Just because a site is listed does not necessarily mean full endorsement of the site by the members of Mass Bay RRE, but the fact that they are listed means that, at the time of listing, the members felt that the message they were telling was worthy of saying.

We welcome any railroad related listing to this site. While we have established no guidelines for listing, in general, the site should be suitable for people of ALL ages, and have at least one major part of the site that is strongly railroad or public transportation related. See the sites listed for examples.

Also, while we would like to list sites quickly, this part of the site gets second priority in changes to the Activities page.



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